Core Curriculum and Tradition-Specific 8th Modules

The Core Curriculum describes the common content that all EHTPA accredited programmes must meet.

In addition, the tradition specific content needed to meet the requirements for accreditation are described in the 8th Modules.

For an individual programme to be accredited it must meet all the requirements of the Core Curriculum plus the requirements of the relevant tradition specific 8th Module.

Detailed tradition specific 8th Module content is presented here for the following:

  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Tibetan Herbal Medicine
  • Western Herbal Medicine

All EHTPA member professional associations have agreed that each institution seeking EHTPA accreditation is required to provide an overarching strategy for the programme as a whole, which includes:

  • evidence that all EHTPA Learning Outcomes are assessed at an appropriate level
  • evidence that on successful completion of the programme graduates will be fit to practise
  • both formative and summative assessment of theory and clinical practice at key stages throughout the programme
  • at least one summative clinical assessment towards the end of the programme which incorporates the application of theory to practice

Click here to download the Core Curriculum and 8th Modules of the EHTPA (full text – pdf)

Click here to download the abbreviated EHTPA Core Curriculum – pdf)