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EHTPA Accreditation

The EHTPA has been accrediting Institutions offering herbal and traditional medicine programmes since 2002.

To achieve fully accredited status, Institutions need to demonstrate compliance with the EHTPA Core Curriculum and meet the criteria laid down in the Accreditation Handbook. Once a programme is fully accredited, graduates will gain entry to one or more Professional Associations.

EHTPA Professional Association members will accept graduates from EHTPA accredited programmes of the relevant tradition. Note however, that some Professional Associations may have additional entry criteria which help to confirm a recent graduate's fitness to practise. Graduates may, for example, be required to have an interview, provide a declaration about their health or provide details of any previous criminal convictions.

The EHTPA strongly recommends new graduates contact the Professional Association(s) they are interested in joining BEFORE graduation to ensure all relevant entry criteria can be met.

The EHTPA Accreditation Process provides information to Institutions wishing to seek EHTPA accredited status.

EHTPA Accredited Awards

Lincoln College with validation by Lincoln University
BSc(Hons) Western Herbal Medicine

Middlesex University
Post Graduate Diploma Professional Practice Herbal Medicine
Post Graduate Diploma Professional Practice Chinese Herbal Medicine
Post Graduate Diploma Professional Practice Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine
Bsc (Hons) Herbal Medicine - applications are not being accepted
Bsc (Hons) Chinese Herbal Medicine -applications are not being accepted

Northern College of Acupuncture with validation by Middlesex University
Post Graduate Diploma Chinese Herbal Medicine

Westminster University
MSc Chinese Herbal Medicine
BSc(Hons) Western Herbal Medicine

University of East London
BSc (Hons) Western Herbal Medicine (closed to new entrants)

The European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association accredits courses on behalf of all EHTPA Professional Associations. This enables graduates to apply for membership of an EHTPA professional association register having successfully completed an EHTPA accredited course. The EHTPA system of accreditation was endorsed by, and included in, the inital Steering Group Report to Government which recommended that a statutory register for herbal medicine practitioners be established.

It is anticipated that responsibility for approval of all courses leading to qualified practitioner status and registration of suitably qualified practitioners will transfer to the Health Care Professions Council Register in due course and following government legislation the EHTPA will be working with the HCPC to this end.

Please contact us if you have any queries in the meantime